Fund your growth. Sustainably.

Looking for capital to take your business to the next step? We offer guidance and investor access to select companies who are actively fundraising. Get started with our Discovery session, and let us see how we can help.

We’re here to help you fundraise.

Many early-stage startups underestimate the time and energy investment required for fundraising.

We can help you navigate the critical details of the process, advise you on your options and make introductions to the right people.

Investment network + expertise.

With years of experience in tech and investments, we know what investors look for and what it takes for founders to close a successful deal.

Our Ventures support puts you in touch with a vast network of business angels, family offices and institutional investors to maximize your chance of raising funds.

In very select cases, we invest in outstanding teams with promising digital platform businesses.

Free mentoring for early-stage startups.

Within our Advisory, we offer pro-bono mentoring for early-stage startups.

This is in the form of a 1-hour session each month, dedicated to your current challenges as a founder – whether it be product development, leadership, funding, etc.

For one select company per year, after several rounds of mentoring, we offer advisory on early equity shares.

Start-ups in our mentoring program.