A B2C online shop was facing challenges in gaining insights from their data and countering fraudulent activities.


We designed and implemented a BI and anti-fraud solution for the B2C shop, which included a data warehouse, analytics platform and anti-fraud system.


The BI and anti-fraud solution provided the B2C shop with the data and insights they needed to make better decisions, drive their business forward and protect their data.

Unlocking data-driven insights to drive growth in the B2C space

Building BI and anti-fraud architecture for a high-traffic B2C shop

Staying competitive in the B2C space is no easy feat, especially with the emergence of new technologies and data sources. In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses need to utilize data-driven insights to make informed decisions. This is exactly what our client, a high-traffic B2C shop, was struggling with.

The B2C shop needed a way to access and analyze the data stored in multiple data sources, as well as a way to protect their data and customers from fraudulent activities. To address these challenges, we designed and implemented a BI and anti-fraud solution.

This allowed the company to improve their customer experience, increase their revenue and reduce fraud-related costs.

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