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A major German TV station had to develop a scalable big data architecture to meet its future data needs and utilize valuable insights.


Pinkstone provided a comprehensive solution that included establishing an effective data lake, implementing a data-driven approach, and automating data processing.


The television station was able to leverage the capabilities of Big Data to expand operations, enhance customer experience, and optimize decision-making.

From big data challenges to opportunities

Providing a scalable Big Data architecture for a major television broadcaster.

As demand for data-driven decisions surged, a major German television broadcasting company had to figure out how to develop a scalable big data architecture that could safely store and process large amounts of data. Knowing that our experienced team at Pinkstone could provide a comprehensive solution, they reached out to us.

We set up an effective Data Lake, implemented a data-driven approach and automated the data processing. This enabled the broadcasting company to securely store and quickly process large volumes of data, yielding valuable insights. The company could expand operations, improve customer experience and optimize decisions.

Now, the company has the tools to seize opportunities—all with a strong competitive edge.

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