Music Industry



A music label didn't have a comprehensive customer recommendation tool. This led to inconsistent user experiences and restricted customer retention.


We integrated an AI-based customer recommendation tool into the label's platform, which allowed for personalized recommendations for users.


The AI-based tool increased customer retention and satisfaction, ultimately boosting revenue.

Increasing customer experience & retention through AI

Integration of an AI solution for creating a song recommendation tool for a music label

A music label was confronted with a widespread problem in today's e-commerce: increasing customer loyalty to boost revenue. While the label did have an existing platform, it lacked a comprehensive referral tool. This led to a generally unappealing and inefficient customer experience, which in turn decreased customer loyalty.

To solve this problem, our team at Pinkstone integrated an AI-powered customer referral tool into the label's platform.

This led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and ultimately the label's revenue.

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