A leading hotel brand struggled to maintain customer loyalty in the face of growing competition and expanded product offerings.


We optimized the customer journey as well as the marketing and sales processes of the brand, providing personalized experiences for their customers.


The hotel brand saw a noticeable increase in customer loyalty, sales growth, and revenue boost. Customer loyalty also improved significantly.

Creating sustainable business growth through automation

Introduction of marketing and sales automation at a leading hotel brand

A leading hotel brand was struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing market conditions and stiff competition. The brand was battling with low customer loyalty, ineffective marketing and sales processes, and lack of personalization. To overcome these challenges, the brand worked with Pinkstone on marketing and sales strategy.

Our expert team got right to work, leveraging our experience in marketing and sales automation to design an efficient and personalized customer journey. We developed automated processes to capture and analyze customer data in real time.

This enabled us to provide personalized experiences for each customer, leading to improved retention, increased sales, and ultimately a significant boost in revenue. The hotel brand witnessed unprecedented business growth, and its customer loyalty also improved considerably. With the help of Pinkstone, they were able to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

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