Uncover your digital potential.

At Pinkstone, we lead you through structured, creative discovery that combines elements of business, technology and marketing.
The result? You discover your keys to success and forge your path toward sustainable growth. 

Let us meet you where you are and help you reach your next milestone.

Our approach.

Laying a strong foundation for success early on.

Using a combination of research, exploration and inspiration, we help you identify the key drivers of sustainable growth – including your market, business model, development strategy and tech toolkit.

We call this The Discovery.
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The Discovery.

A structured process to surface the biggest levers for sustainable growth.

Uncover the ways you can transform your approach to growth and forge a path to success.

The Discovery is equally as actionable as it is inspiring, highlighting all possible opportunities with your product, processes, strategy and business mindset. 
Experiencing stagnation? The Discovery is designed to kickstart sustainable growth.

Explore our solutions.

Start with a free one-hour workshop, and then select your next steps – ranging from single day on-site to multi-day offsite workshops – depending on business needs. Not sure which is right for you? No problem. We’ll decide together in your initial session.

Discovery Intro

A structured mini workshop of one hour helps us to customize our approach and identify the topics most relevant to you.

After this session, we can then build a custom agenda for your main workshop.
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Discovery Day

During a one-day workshop on-site or remote (digital), we cover the most relevant topics for your growth and assess your status quo in the areas of business, technology and marketing.

You will take away extensive documentation and a custom toolkit to kickstart your growth process.
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Discovery Trip

Join us on a two-day journey to one of our vetted offsite locations. This is a fully structured experience including workshops and team-building exercises to fully assess and transform your business growth.

Get inspired by nature, social activities, food and more. You will reimagine your current patterns and get on track to reach your next major milestone.
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