A top-tier ad network had difficulties launching several product developments efficiently and on-time, due to the utilisation of rigid and traditional methods.


Pinkstone equipped the ad network with an agile methodology that enabled them to initiate multiple product developments in parallel while simultaneously functioning as a unified team.


The ad network was able to introduce their products quickly and efficiently, keeping ahead of the competition and increasing their market share.

Success through agile teams and digital transformation

Introduction of multiple products with agile teams at a top-notch advertising network.

At Pinkstone, we know that digital transformation requires a fundamental change in how organizations work.

Our team of experts has developed an innovative approach to digital transformation that combines agile methodology with the latest technologies. In this case, we worked with a top-notch advertising network to rapidly and efficiently kick off multiple product developments.

With our method, we were able to help the ad network stay ahead of competition, increase their market share, and achieve their growth objectives. Our team at Pinkstone is committed to supporting organizations in their digital transformation through Agile and related tools.

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