A tier-1 automotive supplier faced many challenges in their e-mobility development department, including siloed communication, poor collaboration and a lack of reliable project management.


Together with the client, PinkStone identified the core problems and define a tailored agile transformation concept to solve them. The concept included a new organizational setup, new ways of working and a phased implementation plan.


The supplier's development team significantly improved their processes and communication, resulting in faster time to market, better collaboration and increased flexibility in reacting to changes throughout their projects.

Transformation through Agile methodology

Performing an agile transformation for a Tier 1 automotive supplier

A tier-1 automotive supplier was looking for a more effective way to deliver projects in a dynamic market situation. They had a number of challenges in their development department –including delays and lack of transparency –and they needed a reliable process to ensure success. Pinkstone provided a tailored agile transformation solution that addressed the supplier's specific needs.

We worked with the client to identify the core problems and develop a comprehensive approach to solve them. Through workshops, process improvement and organizational training, Pinkstone was able to help the supplier's development team fundamentally change the way they plan and deliver projects.

The agile transformation was a success for the supplier. They were able to reduce project delivery time while ensuring high quality standards and flexibility to react to changing requirements. The teams were able to collaborate more effectively, make decisions faster and increase overall transparency.

The supplier was able to achieve their goal of delivering projects on time, on budget, and within quality. Thanks to Pinkstone's Agile transformation solution, they were able to remain competitive in their industry.

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